About Rakuten Point

Rakuten Points are Rakuten's reward program for our members. You need to be a registered member to earn, save and spend Rakuten Points.

● Shop 
Every time you shop on Rakuten Japan, you earn Rakuten Point.  Keep an eye out for promotions, as certain items and shops may be promoting more points.
● Earn & Save
You will earn approximately 1% of the purchase price in points (1 JPY ⇔ 1 Point)
● Spend 
Points can be applied on future purchases to save money (1 Point ⇔ 1 JPY)


It is important to know that there are two types of Rakuten Points : Regular Points and Limited-Time Points

- Earned on all Rakuten services.
- 1 point per 100 JPY spent excluding shipping fees (e.g. Spend 4,398 JPY and earn 43 points).
- Credited to your account the day after your order is complete.
- Can be used 20 days after your order is completed.
- Points will be expired 1 year after you last earned points.

- Requires entry into the promotion
- Earning points depends on each promotion.
- The schedule of receiving / using limited-time points depends on each promotion.
- Points will be expired based on each promotion’s rule.